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The Soylent System :Munch: [userpic]

~Fic: Time after Time {Umeda/Akiha}

August 1st, 2007 (09:39 am)
current song: Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time

"Sometimes you picture me.. I'm walking too far ahead
You're calling to me, I can't hear what you've said
Then you say go slow, I fall behind
The second hand unwinds"

Lying in my bed, I hear the clock tick and think of youCollapse )

The Soylent System :Munch: [userpic]

~Hyuga and Naomi - Models and Musicians~

July 27th, 2007 (09:36 am)
current song: A-ha - The Living Daylights

RP: Models and Musicians
Characters: Naomi and Hyuga
Implied Pairing: Sigurd/Hyuga

I couldn't find a song to fit this scene, so I sort of just decided to opt out of a song.

The advent of the insane phone billCollapse )

The Soylent System :Munch: [userpic]

~Seishirou Sakurazukamori: Walk This Earth Alone~

July 19th, 2007 (09:05 pm)
current song: Lauren Christy - Walk this Earth Alone

Title: Walk This Earth Alone
Fandom: X/1999
Pairing: Seishirou
Notes: You'd be surprised how hard it is to find a really good Seishirou song. It's very elusive. And while this is ALSO one of my Ashura-ou/Taishakuten songs, this one also fits Subaru and Seishirou. Clamp can sure come up with good old-fashioned fucked up romance. If you think about the span of time that Seishirou took in merely avoiding Subaru, and I'm sure it is because he knew exactly what was going to happen, Seishirou doesn't seem to be the type that is surprised easily. I also loved the scene with his mother, and how it is explained how a Sakurazukamori feels love.. kinda fucked up, but what do you expect from an assasin clan?

But I walk this earth alone.. and all I've ever known.. is you are right beside me.Collapse )

The Soylent System :Munch: [userpic]

~Tell him about it~

July 14th, 2007 (08:05 pm)
current song: Emilie Autumn - Rapunzel

Title: "Tell Him About It"
Pairing: Sigurd/Hyuga
Fandom: Xenogears
Song: "Tell her about it.." by Billy Joel.
Notes: This is something a bit.. I guess sappy. I behaved perhaps unpardonably.. and for that I'm sorry, so I decided to just pop off something that would be meaninful. The one it is intended for will surely understand.

"Listen boy,
It's not automatically a certain guarentee.
To ensure yourself, you gotta communicate constantly
When you love someone,
You're always insecure..
And there's only one good way to reassure."

Tell her about it.. tell everything you feel. Give every reason to accept you're for realCollapse )

The Soylent System :Munch: [userpic]

~Everything I Ever Wanted~ {Ficbit / Xenogears}

July 8th, 2007 (01:23 pm)
current song: Tsukiko Amano - Koe

Fandom: Xenogears
Pairing: Hyuga/Sigurd
Inspiration and Credits: First tinrobo for her picture of which can be found over HERE and then the ficbit by shuufish over HERE

There's a reason why this love is changing my life.. cause you're everything I ever wanted and moreCollapse )

The Soylent System :Munch: [userpic]

~Victorian: "Makes Perfect Sense to Me" ~Meredith/Seren~

May 12th, 2007 (10:23 pm)
current song: Take That - No Sense In Love

Fandom: Xenogears/Saga AU Victorian RP
Pairing: Meredith/Seren (Female versions of Roni Fatima and Xenogears OC, Mathias Jaevyn -nisan era-)
Song Inspiration: "Ain't no Sense in Love" by Take That
Comments: We -just- dreamed up this pairing today, and I think I fell in love with it just a little bit, we haven't even RP'd this yet I was compelled to write this before I went to bed *Meredith wouldn't let me sleep until I had written this out*. I love the barrage of inspiration that both I and shuufish have going, it's like magic when we hit upon something -just- right, it's a magic that has been going on for over two years now. Stuff like this proves that she's my muse -and- my partner in crime.
Warning: Lesbians.. and the mention of lesbian sex at the very end. (the world needs more yuri love, seriously). If you're okay with the gay buttsecks but not with the implication of hot girl on girl action. Don't bother clicking the cut text.. you'd probably puke anyways. Also beta'd? AHAHAHA no.

Crossposted to shitan

"You're not the one I need,
you're just the one that i want..
Makes a perfect sense to me"

One look and I was in right over my head.Collapse )

The Soylent System :Munch: [userpic]

~Victorian: Mat pt 2~

May 8th, 2007 (05:41 pm)
current song: Lindsay Lohan - Over

"I watch the walls around me crumble,
But it's not like I won't build them up again.
So here's your last change for your redemption.
So take it while it lasts cause it will end."

And my tears are turning into time...Collapse )

The Soylent System :Munch: [userpic]

~{Dragon Riders} Breathless | Jeriah - Astharthia ~

May 6th, 2007 (06:03 pm)

DragonRiders | Rating: PG | Warning: allusions to a male/male relationship. | for shuufish who is the Solinth Priest that my little Jeriah adores so much.

"And if there's no tomorrow
And all we have is here and now
I'm happy just to have you
You're all the love I need somehow"

I cannot lie, from you I cannot hide... and I'm losing the will to tryCollapse )

"It's like a dream
Although I'm not asleep
And I never want to wake up"


Added Note: Jeriah is the only muse that when he thinks about smut with Jakob, he starts crying.. not in a bad way.. but he's one of those souls that are very sensitive and emotional, I blame it on the double pisces and the cancer in his main three signs.

The Soylent System :Munch: [userpic]

~{Victorian} "Time won't give me Time"~

May 6th, 2007 (06:00 pm)
current song: Ali Project - Apres un Reve

{In the Xenogears/saga RP AU both I and shuufish is doing, we are concentrating on three generations of men. All of them incarnations of Hyuga and Sigurd. Jeriah Fatima and Jakob Uzuki, their sons Roni and Mathias, and then Hyuga and Sigurd following after. This is Mat's story and this occurs around the time of his father's death.. but LONG before Jin, Hyuga, Citan and Shion are born to him... in fact this is well before he marries} *insert my Mat icon here*

"Don't make me feel any colder,
Time is like a clock in my heart.
Touch me, touch..
Was the heat too much?
I felt I lost you from the start"

Time makes lovers feel like they've got something real.. but you and me.. you know we got nothing but time.Collapse )

"Oh. in time it could of been so much more,
But time is precious I know..
In time it could of been so much more..
But time has nothing to show"

*crossposted to shitan

The Soylent System :Munch: [userpic]

~Dragonriders: Anubituf~

April 15th, 2007 (09:09 am)
current song: Within Temptation - Stand My Ground

Stand my ground...I won't give in. No more denying... I've gotta face it. Won't close my eyes and hide the truth insideCollapse )

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